Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andrew Young - Civil Rights Leader

photo by Susan Johnson
Mayor Joe Boles presenting a C. Dickinson painting of the Slave Market to Andrew Young

On Feb 9 , crowd of seven hundred people, with many turned away at the Flagler College Auditorium,attended a screening of Ambassador Young's film, Crossing in St. Augustine. Afterward, as was pre arranged , Ambassador Young met with five Art In The Market artists with encouragement to continue our own struggle for First Amendment rights. He is one of our heros. More Here


  1. What a wonderful event, to have him come and speak of this awful time in our city's history. Man don't want to aknowledge the ugliness that happened here, but "the truth will set yuo free!"

  2. Your caption for the picture is ironic.... I love it

  3. Hey Mr. exhibit the epitome of rudeness by not acknowledging the artist who was only ten feet away from you. He was also a donor in this award.

  4. I like the line"saving black mens bodies and white mens souls"