Thursday, February 17, 2011

Participatory Democracy Or Illusion?

At last Monday's City of St. Augustine City Commission meeting artist Gregory Travous spoke during the public comment period. He reminded the Commission of the two year old Federal Court decision favoring the artists in their fight for constitutional rights to display, create, and sell their artwork on public property. Travous also stated that he is being prosecuted next month in St. Johns County on newer charges though they are the very same ordinance citations that were vacated as a result of the previous court decision.

It was proposed by the artist that the city drop all criminal charges against him and to sit down with the three remaining artists to work out a constitutionally viable ordinance that will end the years of harassment.

Travous is currently reported to also be waiting for hell to freeze over.

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  1. People and some police and commissioners do not respect the Federal court ruling in artists favor. To them it is just a joke.