Monday, July 18, 2011

No Retirement Here !

What does an artist do when he takes time away to relax? For Art In The Market artist Richard Childs it means that he still carries his sketchpad and creates. Richard is here in upstate New York on the porch of the 110 year old Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge N.Y. "I don't go anywhere without a sketchpad." says Richard." "In my second home city, St. Augustine, Florida I would have my coffee in the lobby foyer of the Casa Marina and sketch away. Here, I love the old wooden porch at the hotel."

A few years ago tourists in St. Augustine could get Richard's paintings or sculptures in The Plaza de la Constitucion but times have changed and artists are banned from most of the historic district. "It saddens me that we  had won a hard fought battle in  Federal Court battle over artist's First Amendment rights but the city of St. Augustine introduced a new ordinance that continues to violate our rights as affirmed by the court."

Childs' is multi gifted in that he is also a talented musician and is the "house pianist" on the Yamaha baby grand in the hotel's lobby. One of our favorite things is his role as a storytelling monologist . Check out" Three Short Stories" on his website, Art by Richard.

We hope to see Richard back in St. Augustine soon.

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