Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Will Not Lie Down!

Not surprisingly, has received messages that the senders choose not to put into the blog. Many are supportive on our Free Speech rights. Some are middle ground like these unsolicited e mails received:

"I am trying to stay neutral on this as I need to make a living. I know this city well, and if one keeps bucking the system they usually lose."

Response: We are uncertain how our struggle affects your ability to make a living. We question why you are trying to stay neutral. If you've got an opinion, express it.

"What are you trying to do get us all kicked out of the Plaza?

Response: Without our efforts you would have been out of the Plaza months ago.

"They've always run things the way that they've wanted to and that's that. These are the people born and raised here.

Response:They also said that it was going to rain today and to not eat one hour before swimming. Three of the five city commissioners are from other communities ,Schenectady, NY., Rockford, Illinois, and North Carolina. Remember, Complacency kills.

Get your picturs (sp) into a gallery like a real artist!"

Response: None deserved


  1. It just shows that the city is getting the result officials want- fear and intimidation in order to get the artists to back down and go away. Where would this country be if everyone was as spineless as these people? Thank God that there are people willing to question authority and not go along like a herd of sheep.

  2. My heart goes out to the person who made the first comment. This person has somehow devised a mental system that can block the "opinion forming" part of his brain lobe.This person lives their life in fear.

  3. Puhleeez! If it were'nt for Greg standing up to the city and holding them accountable to the law, none of us would still be there. And if we were, we'd still be paying for permits!
    P.S.- Did you thank him for your refund?

  4. "HARP" SAYZ; Check the spelling on the last comment. This cat really must be an IMBASSILE. I mean IDEOUGHT. No I mean SPUTID."How about ASSHOLE"? Yep thats it yepper.

  5. Thunder Clap

    Yes Elena,
    I Agree with you. there should be more support for the guy who got the Refunds back. I might add for those who do not know how this all started . It's because in my and many other's opinion it started because the City would not leave suvo alone. They put a target on his back from day one. They pushed and pushed until one day he said enough !
    He did not start it. So for the one who said don't rock the Boat, You just stay in the boat until the City puts a torpedo up your tail pipe ! ( yes I know boat's don't have tail pipes but you get the picture ) Do you think for one minute they are not trying to sink your little boat as we speak.
    Do you think for one minute they want the artist out there ? How many times have the boys in blue given you the shake down. And I might add I know some of them guys and they are ok guys and gals. They are just doing what they have to do and are ordered to do.

    OOps your stuff is not on this so called list.
    OOps you didn't personally make this so we might take you to jail.

    Just Remember our Dear commissioners on Election day you might even bring this up to them when they are trying to suck up to get some votes. And by the way who said It is the Duty of the City be so hard core on this. They could just throw the doors open to all artist if they wanted to. There is no where that it is a state law to Ban Art ! Lets take a minute and think this through for a minute. Could it be that maybe someone sees the guys in the plaza as a threat to someone's wallet ? Could it be that the commissioners are in big Daddy's pocket ? I say election time kick these guys to the curb ! Tell all your voteing friends just what a great job these guys do !