Sunday, April 20, 2008

Get Thee A Republican !

Though we have two full time attorneys on the city payroll ,the City of St. Augustine has hired Michael Kahn as special counsel against Suvo's appeal for his December 2oo6 citation for an art exhibit on St. George Street

Mr. Kahn has been active in Republican politics for many years. Presently he serves as Republican counsel to Brevard County, Florida, the eighth largest county in Florida. He was the co chairman for South Brevard for the Jeb Bush for Governor reelection campaign and George W. Bush for President, reelection campaign. He has also been active in numerous local political races.

At a recent City Commission meeting he boasted "I do not come cheap". His practice, out of Melbourne Florida is self described as having an emphasis on the First Amendment. Lately he has been doing a "Trouble In River City""routine with various Florida communities. The trouble in town he warns of is that we may have Strip Clubs coming to town! For a fee he will write an ordinance concerning S.O.B.s (Sexually Oriented Businesses) After lots of handwringing and public uproar. The towns either accept his ordinance or reject it. Nice gig. The City of St. Augustine has paid him a substantial amount of money in recent years. They apparently feel that Duke Law School wins out over The Florida Coastal School of Law. It's your money folks. Suvo attended Belleville Junior College until he was declared IY by the draftboard at which time he dropped out.From then on he attended classes at various colleges and universities when the mood struck. The word "slacker" was not in general use at that time (late 6o's)


  1. Wonder if they'll find it "worth the money" ?...

  2. soon st. augustine will have two things in common...
    high priced laywers,
    and high priced strippers...

  3. Suvo!
    You should feel special!
    See, with all the money they are spending violating your first amendment rights proves that there is plenty of cash to pay out for those violations once you WIN!!!
    BTW~ I miss you all terribly!