Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Painting A Painter Painting

We think that this is a cool painting by Debbie Boon , Art In The Market artist Charles Dickinson's partner. That is Charles depicted doing a painting at a St. Joe "Paint Out". You can tell by the engine's smokestack that the train has just passed. Both artists are plein air painters, meaning that they execute thir works outdoors as they see it. Debbie had to be pretty quick to capture a moving locomotive don't you think? Charles is wearing his treasured "Tilley Hat" These hats will be replaced free if they ever wear out, mildew, or shrink. They do not come cheap. Charles found his lying on the ground on one of his painting excursions. How lucky can you get?
Currently Boon and Dickinson have a two-artist exhibit, Visions and Voices: a Musical and Visual Journey with Debbie Boon. This is a unique idea combining music and art. Both Boon and Dickinson have created paintings inspired by Debbie's original songs. Debbie performed at the opening night of the Exhibit Friday March 28. The exhibit is designed to be interactive and the artists opened the floor to lively discussion about the creative process. http://www.apalachicolamuseumofart.org/

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  1. Keep tthe artists in historic St. Augustine.Get rid of the t shirts and kitch! What is this city thinking.