Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NOT an endorsement !

Photographer: C'mon let's get a photo of you two together!
Suvo: (Trying to get away) Nah, That's alright.
Mayor Boles: Yeah , let's get a photo for Old City Life !
As the photo was snapped and Suvo was trapped.
Suvo: You know that the artists are suing the city, don't you?
Mayor Boles: That's OK, I'm an attorney.
Suvo: Yes, but it wouldn't be you, it would be Kahn wouldn't it?*
* referencing the city's outside hired counsel


  1. How embarassing! I think I would have had to walk away!

  2. Suvo,

    It's kinda like getting your picture taken with the easter bunny or santa clause...

    ...underneath the disguise, he's just another drunkered thinking he's a philanthropist because he sits the kiddies on his lap and lies to them...

    Cheers to you for being the bigger man!

    "by the way we got you a birthday present but we haven't been able to get down there to you yet (doctors can be mean people), see you when we can"

  3. Ha, You should have made that same face that you made durring the mug shot, after they arrested you.