Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Monson Motel

On Martin Luther King Day, a group of about 35 listened to speeches and sermons at the gazebo in the Plaza de la Constitucion. Earlier, we walked over to the Hilton on the bayfront to look for a plaque commemorating Dr. King's 1964 protest at the then Monson Hotel swimming pool. The woman at the front desk had no idea where the plaque would be since the pool may have been located elsewhere at that time, she asked another who did not know either. Finally we found it but the gate around the pool was locked.(C'mon they never saw this?) Suvo climbed the gate and heavily heaved himself over for a closer view. He took the photo and climbed back again ripping his favorite khaki pants after crashing into the soda machine. You see....he thought that he was a limber 20 year old when he's three times that. Anyway,....here's the picture.

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