Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not a Skate Park or Dog Park

OMG ! Where Will Tiffany Ride Diablo?
An issue that affects the Plaza De La Constitucion is the presence of the homeless. We are very familiar with the issue of the "hang abouts" in the Plaza De La Constitucion. We've heard and read the sarcastic and condescending remarks on the local radio and in the local paper. We are constantly amazed that those citizens who consider themselves upright and of high moral character can turn hateful and mean when it comes to the subject of "the homeless".
The County of St. John has an empty Equestrian Center built at taxpayer expense. It has been sitting vacant for almost a year. It has a kitchen and 24 stalls. It has been suggested that this be used as a shelter for those without. No one is permitted to live outdoors any more. Welcome to the twenty first century.
The opposition has started as to why the County would do this......use this facility for such (undeserving) people? Our question is .....Why was this 1.5 million dollar facility built in the first place? It is being touted by realtors as "an equestrian center that is quickly becoming world renowned" though it has never opened. The sparse residents in the area of million dollar gentlemen farms are upset that this may be used to house the undesirables. Their boondoggle on the taxpayers is heading south. This was to be their "sweet deal" to increase the values without expending much of their own money or efforts. What about the planned Polo Grounds!?
Let's face it, this is 24 units (stalls) 20 miles from nowhere. Perhaps you should look at the old chain linked Garden Club building next to the Main Library. I think that there's a few guys living there right now.


  1. sh!t, the city cant even afford the bus for people from the city garage to do they expect to afford to bus all the homeless out to Hastings!??!

    Everyday there is a new group of them, that means everyday a free bus ride out to Hastings that no one can afford!

  2. You know, now that someone has laid hay out in the artists spaces in the Plaza, the homeless should feel right at home in the stables!