Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Support Free Speech (Even For The Ignorant)

From The St. Augustine Record: Mayor Boles speaking of our 450th Birthday gala:

"This was the birthplace of Christianity in the New World," (Mayor)Boles said. "This is not putting together an arts and crafts festival. This is not something we can have in the Plaza." He hoped the "birthplace of Christianity" aspect would bring a visit from the Pope. Boles said the Pope's visit cannot be planned further than two years out and added that His Holiness will only respond to an invitation by the president anyway, so talk is premature.

Well ,we gotta say that the extreme hubris of this city must partially emanate from our Mayor Boles. He wants the Pope to be here for our 450th anniversary? His wholly innacurate view of history is astounding. Christianity was unheard of in the New World before Menendez? Man, the French Calvinists and Huegonauts at Fort Caroline near Jacksonville were not they Christian? Fray Bernardo Boil celebrated Catholic Mass at La Isabela, Dominican Republic on January 6, 1494 seventy one years before St. Augustine existed. It appears that Mayor Boles views Catholicism as the only Christian church and The United States is the only nation in the "New World" . Doctor Adams (City Historian).......set this boy down for a history lesson.

Commissioners, do not embarass yourselves and the city by extending the German Pope an invitation to our fair city based upon ridiculously absurd mistatements. We already gave our ideas here. Let's add Placido Domingo and Pedro Almodóvar to the invitation list.

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