Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where Was My Ticket?!

We were recently listening to the local National Public Radio franchise out of Jaxville when we heard easygoing host Michael Feldman talking with audience member, easygoing St. Augustine Public Affairs director Paul Williamson. The show was in Jacksonville and Paul had submitted a question "What is coquina?" and then had a chance to plug our fair ancient city.Here is a visitor's review of Feldman's show We are happy to hear that Mr. Williamson is no longer giving out pieces of coquina to guests and visitors. On St. George Street, for only a couple of dollars you can buy a couple of these "rocks" wrapped in cellophane or you can walk by the north side of the Government House (at the Plaza) and pocket a few that have fallen from the walls of this WPA replica. (though the train guides, state it as the ACTUAL Spanish Governor's house.)

Speaking of Public Affairs. We feel obligated in telling a reader of this blog that we do not think that his private doings interferes with his public service but hey..........discretion should not stop at the county line. We have our counterpart street art vendors in other citys and they were not impressed. Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a piece of coquina!

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  1. Hi Greg, how are you? How is the war going? Anything I can help you with? Are you going to stay in St Augustine or move along? Mom and dad say hi.Tom