Monday, July 06, 2009

"...for he really lay buried in my heart"

Recently some of us were discussing "dog movies" and I admitted that I'm a sucker for those and baseball movies.Old Yeller, Homeward Bound ,etc. and I'm all blubbery and red eyed. One of my favorites is "My Dog Skip", based on the best-selling Mississippi memoir by the late Willie Morris. This film even has a little baseball in it. Karl is now 14 years old and while reasonably healthy, there will be that day coming.............

To set up this film ending you should know that the bus leaving in the scene has eighteen year old Willie Morris leaving his hometown and his dog Skip for college.

This is an older children and adult film with a WWII homefront backstory that is compelling. I recommend this 2000 film. Suvo


  1. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    absolutely. I'm a seventy year old ex Marine and this gives me more than the sniffles

  2. another old dog owner08 July, 2009

    I lose it when he says "One day I received a transatlantic call......