Monday, July 23, 2007

Pre Concert Celebrity

Photo by Elena Hecht
City Public Affairs Director Paul Williamson introduced NASCAR driver Kyle Petty prior to last Thursday's Concert in the Plaza. Vice Mayor Don Crichlow seemed non plussed while Petty seemed amused when Paul began his introduction by singing (see photo), "Don't do me like that","Don't do me like that","What if I love you baby? ","Don't DO ME like that." No one had the heart to inform Paul that he was thinking of Florida's own rocker and sometimes St. Augustine visitor Tom Petty from Gainesville.*

Kyle Petty was in town for a cross country charity bike ride.

*We are just kidding. Paul is a hip guy who has his finger on the pulse of pop culture .

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  1. Anonymous24 July, 2007

    Is that Billy Bob Thorton in the background?!?!?