Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spain to Here

We in St. Augustine have the opportunity to present the importance of Spanish heritage in the United States. The 450 th anniversary of St. Augustine is approaching . Our emphasis may be on history but perhaps we should stress what have the Spaniards wrought that is with our society today. We are still steeped in British heritage language, surnames, foods etc. but consider this and the role that St. Augustine, Florida plays in the culture of The United States of America :
  • Hispanics are under-represented in all areas of U.S. media.
  • Hispanics are a diverse group, made up of many sub-groups, complicating identity.
    The history of Spanish colonization has not been presented accurately.
  • Hispanic contributions to the development of the United States are little known.
  • Hispanics will soon be the largest minority group in the United States.
  • Racism is detrimental to the well-being of the United States.
  • Positive Hispanic role models are needed to guide our youth.
  • Promotion of outstanding Hispanics serves to break down negative stereotypes.
  • Non-Hispanics and Hispanics will benefit by increased respect for one another


  1. to heck with the spanish. Look at all the terrible things they were responcible,against the natives, the real Americans.The inquisition. Illeagle latinos take away jobs. I say to heck with them.

  2. But have you
    ever had paella !

  3. My parents came over and went through the proper procedures to become citizens. Why can't the Spanish?