Saturday, April 11, 2009

Artists vs. St. Augustine

A Hearing is scheduled asking the courts for a temporary injunction against an ordinance that prohibits artists from displaying and selling art in most of the St. Augustine historic district

Monday 4-13 at 2 PM
Bryan Simpson United States Courthouse, 300 North Hogan Street,
Courtroom No. 10B, Tenth Floor, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202.


  1. This has been a long hard battle of the little guys vs bureaucrats who wish to deny basic rights.
    Suvo is to be commended for his fortitude and persistence not to mention personal hardships to get this where it is now.

  2. another artist12 April, 2009

    absolutely !

  3. You artists are going to lose this one

  4. I hope the last statement isn't true.I have been known to kill for freedom.

  5. a Believer12 April, 2009

    "The Lord is near the broken hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit." - Psalm 34:18

    The just will prevail!

  6. regular visitor12 April, 2009

    we want you artists back. not sunglasses,not cheap costume jewelry. you are part of our St.Augustine!

  7. go guys!!!!

  8. Let's hope Suvo gets exactly what he wants. He can pick his spot and then decide who else gets to sell by what they are selling. We want a new boss. Change we can believe in.

  9. America was built on freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas. Common marketplaces are where community comes together and inter-dependence makes a strong supportive network for residents, and the sense of a LIVING city to visitors.

    "We Must Scrupulously Guard the Civil Rights And Civil Liberties of All Citizens, Whatever Their Background. We Must Remember that Any Oppression, Any Injustice, Any Hatred, is
    A Wedge Designed to Attack Our Civilization."

    ---Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  10. Suvo and his people have shown their agenda to be pro artist yet anti street performer and vendor. Freedom for a selected group in anti american.

  11. Suvo has always been a champion for artists only. So what if pan handlers, street vendors and street performers all have the same rights as artists. This is called ARTinthemarket. Suvo doesn't fight for justice--he fights for just us.

  12. I was down in St. Augustine last year in November and the only people in the little park in the middle of town that were selling anything were Ghanaians selling junk. What started out as a friendly exchange turned nasty when they found out we were artists from another town. One of them said: "go back to where you came from" and we were just visitors asking what the status of selling art there was, since we'd heard about the problems. Why does the town allow crap vendors and not artists? The kicker was that these junk vendors came from elsewhere in the U.S. What right did they have to tell us to go away? If it is true what you say that Suvo wants worthless junk vendors to be excluded, people who just parasitize others with their scams and don't contribute anything of their own making, I say "more power to him". I'm really upset at what I experienced there. I don't have a problem with most Street Performers. They are artists too.