Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plaza Monuments

This is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things!

Dr. William Adams (right) the longtime director of the City of St. Augustine's Heritage Tourism (HT) Department is shown here discussing the birdbath donated by Henry Flagler's friend Dr. Andrew Anderson back in the twenties. Here is a fabricated conversation.

Dr. Adams: Hey!, wasn't there a statue of a woman atop this birdbath?

Assistant: Yes sir , it was vandalized and put into storage

Dr. Adams: What!!? Did the street artists do it!!?

Assistant : No, it was broken up by kids sometime in the 1940's

Dr. Adams: The punks are probably dead now. Just make sure that the homeless are not using this as a wash basin!

Tit for Tat......The artists were photographed by a city functionary last Wednesday while set up on the cramped sidewalk in front of Casa Monica. The city authorized this spot for artists. There was no prior consultation with Casa Monica I'm sure.

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