Monday, August 24, 2009

Anger Management Candidate

St. Augustine City Commissioner Errol Jones
Jones, who likes to present himself as a leader from the 60's civil rights movement here in St. Augustine, regularly comes down to the Plaza de la Constitucion. He is usually in a particular state that propels him to start arguments and throw his 135 pounds around while flashing his gold plated commissioner badge and wearing his custom made polo shirts with "The Commish' emblazoned on the breast (very cute). Unfortunately he has no compunction against agressive confrontation angrily using the 'F' word and being loud with Mom, Dad and the kids walking past. At yesterday's city commission meeting, Errol showed only a slight example of his temper when he said on camera to Suvo, the artist "YOU'RE A LIAR! HA HA HA" Rarely have we ever seen Suvo speechless.


  1. The entire commission is a sham. The govenor should be notified.

  2. So what happens next? The ordinance goes into effect Oct. 1. Can the city be sued at this time, sued on or after Oct. 1, or does someone have to be jailed for breaking the ordinance first?