Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So much misinformation supplied to the paper...here's an online comment that sums it up...............................................As I sat in the courtroom last week during Travous' "hearing" regarding selling American Flags in the Plaza over a year ago, I wondered what we were doing there. Asst. City Atty. Mendoza had filed a peculiar motion that didn't seem to make much sense. He was asking the judge basically, to rule as to whether the City could prosecute Mr. Travous for selling merchandise other than visual art in the Plaza. Judge Tinlin was perplexed as well, stating that in his "18 years on the bench, I've never seen a motion like this one." Now, as I listened to last nights meeting, I understand the purpose of that hearing. Mendoza and Brown "used" our court of law...and Judge Tinlin... so they could announce that the judge would not rule whether merchandise other than visual art could be sold in the Plaza... sneaky, underhanded and unethical, to say the least. That gave them the "out" they needed not to kick out all the vendors of merchandise and allow the chaos in the Plaza to continue... shame on this Commission! Those of you who are knowing participants...(Boles, Harris and perhaps Critchlow) and those of you who are gulible, unwitting pawns... Stand up! Stop the Madness! These men are outright lying to everyone and getting you to sign your names to their bad deeds. THE CITY COMMISSIONERS, CITY ATTORNEY RON BROWN, BILL HARRIS.... they all are aware that the City Police were instructed to go out into the City where vendors were selling in other areas, like at the parking garage and 50 feet off St. George Street and collect up those vendors and herd them into the Plaza, telling them it was a "free for all". Ask around, you'll see... this is the truth! THEY created the problem in the Plaza on May 12th, that day after Judge Howard's order, allowed it to brew to the point where it's hurting the downtown merchants, and now they're jumping to the rescue to REPAIR the problem... the problem created by them! Don't be fools! Open your eyes! Get rid of Ron Brown and his lackey Mendoza! Those same tactics worked to get rid of the musicians and they're being allowed to use them again! Merchants.... unite and get rid of these unethical politicians! Don't let them use you again.

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