Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ex Wives Will Hate This Guy

Grazia Movie Trailer 2009
The local newspaper recently wrote about a movie to be shot on location here in St. Augustine. According to a press release the producers say that the film 'Grazia' "will rank among such superlative films as Casablanca , An Affair to Remember , Love Story , The Way We Were , and Ghost ". Hyperbole perhaps, but it's great to hear artists excited about their projects. is the trailer for 'Grazia'. Ok, we are going to say that it strikes us as a little creepy, that's all we're gonna say.Twice he refers to "my boys" and I think of....well, ....never mind..................... We think that the film Things That Hang From Trees filmed here in 2006 was an excellent strange and moody film that should be seen.


  1. oh lord!
    looks like a low budget tourist ad for St Augustine, at least the first 1/2 of the trailer doe

  2. Looks like some old guy producer wanted to make his young hot wife a movie star.Shouldn't hold out an amateur production as a "major" work of art.

  3. look at the "hero" ot 2:07.Did he wet his pants.