Friday, August 07, 2009

Strange Comments

photo by Ortagus , copyright of paintings by Suvo ...............
photo removed at the request of the photographer .....................................This outta be good! ......Monday night at five pm,City Commission meeting. Watch City attorney Brown explain why we need a new ordinance for vending in the Plaza. Will at least Freeman ask why we need one and why are non protected flea marketers given consideration at all. He has "studied the ordinances in several other cities" So have we Ron, for years. We can expect you to present an inaccurate assessment just like the "all or nothing" ruling that doesn't exist.


  1. Ok Greg,

    We see the knock off of another visual artist's work.

    Bad Boy and hands off.

  2. The photograph has been cropped.

    This is just like the complaints about the fake designer handbags for sale in the park.

    As a visual artist I find the MODIFICATION and misuse of the photograph a shame. I’m sorry but you do not have my permission and I request the photo be removed.

    You lost a supporter due to lack of ethics…

    Maureen Ortagus

  3. Your photo with attribution has been removed. Maybe you could lighten up a little and not take yourself so seriously.

  4. I almost always grant permission to photograph my artwork if an innocent reason is given.I was unaware that you were photographing and common courtesy is that you would ask. Copyright law states that "a temporary installation in a public park is protected by copyright.A mural on a plywood barrier around a construction site is protected while a mural on the side of a building is not".sec 27.1.c Since I have used your photos before with attribution and your only request was to spell your name correcly, I used it and linked it to your site.It is now removed.

  5. welcome to the fugged up world of 'maureen-think'. Run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.

  6. Anonymous said...
    The photograph has been cropped.

    Greg that's a no, no.

    No credit, misspelled names, photo editing, all pushing the envelope in the photography world.

    Have a little respect for another's work. You should also check with Cushman before quoting the law on photographer rights.

    God speed.

  7. Mike Gold, is going nuts on Of course he goes nuts all the time when it comes to Maureen Ortagus. He is a sick obsessed man.

    See if Mr. Greg removes the post for the bag man of David Shoar.

  8. karl the rotty10 August, 2009

    "No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other."
    Jascha Heifetz

  9. We were nicely asked to remove a post. Wild accusations and mean spiritedness is discouraged, but we do not censor unless the language is considered offensive. (by me, and I am a prude)All except Karl and GT anonymous. Name calling is just that and carries no weight with thinking persons.