Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

The real crime are those pale skinny legs

"It is well settled that a speaker's rights are not lost merely because compensation is received; a speaker is no less a speaker because he or she is paid to speak." Riley v. Nat'l Fed'n of Blind of North Carolina, 487 U.S. 781, 801 (1988).

As a demonstration of First Amendment Rights, artist Suvo "offered for sale" (one dollar) 8"x 12" American flags in the Plaza on Saturday. The only flags purchased was by a naturalized citizen from Poland. Shortly thereafter Suvo was handcuffed and jailed. God Bless America ! Are you shocked? Complacency and apathy seems to rule here in America these days If you are not concerned that citizens American rights are being eroded, then you are not paying attention.
Does our small remaining group of artists have the resources to continue our protests? No! Sure, we hear everyone tell us how wrong this is. Frankly, we are uninterested in hearing this. We've heard it enough. Most will wait until their rights are violated on their front doorsteps.


  1. What a fascist world we do live in...

    if it's o.k., i'm reposting your post on inversehalo so more people can see the tyranny...

  2. I cant understand how in the heck the city can get away with such blatent 1st ammendment rights violations.It should be cut and dried.Cant they be sued? If so please someone do so.What ever it takes to teach this city a lesson. There must be someway to stop further acts of oppression.

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2008

    What does selling a flag have to with first amendment rights?

  4. Anonymous29 May, 2008

    As the quote above states......the federal courts have affirmed that flying a national flag is a first amendment right as is the sale of such protected materials.

    This applies to newspapers as well.

  5. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    I have begun contact with the ACLU, who would hopefully love to get into a case like yours to defend 1st amendment rights. However, I cannot fill out the form to get them involved, you would have to, here is the link to their local chapter.
    I hopw this might be useful.


  6. The ACLU??? I can't tell you the numbers of people who have tried to enlist their help in this situation to no avail. Ken Hurley of the Jacksonville ACLU appears to be more interested in running movies on Abu Gribe (sp) wrongdoing and his latest, "Gitmo and America's Constitutional Values", not to mention a monthly "talk show"...He is a disgrace to the ACLU and should be removed. He could care less about what's happening right here under his nose! Anyway, we won't be getting any help from the local ACLU.

  7. Anonymous31 May, 2008

    I've learned that there are those who "talk the talk" and those who "walk the walk".

    Hurley could've picked up a dozen new dues paying members in one fell swoop if he had not been so dismisive and eye rolling concerning our troubles.We will push on. We do not show our hand on these pages.