Friday, May 30, 2008

Watch For the Next Government Event

It is interesting to note that Phil Mc Daniel, former salesman of logo toys to convenience stores (you know, those little toy trucks and Coca Cola Xmas ornaments) has reinvented himself from "retired entrepreneur"to the president and pooh bah of The St. John's Cultural Council. This private group has now been dubbed the "Official Arts Agency for St. Johns County". (see previous entry) Go ahead, be a government sponsored artist. We think that this is fine......................for you. Pay your dues, have your work juried, put up exhibits...let people see your work on the walls........Drink some wine...... Canoodle with the other artists and gallery hoppers. Ask yourself though. After all of the compliments and backslapping, why does hardly anyone think to actually acquire (galleryspeak for "buy") one of your works? Also, isn't it the same people over and over that go to these things?

We believe in the individualistic, do it yourself approach to getting our works on the walls of the public.

McDaniel previously sought funding for his Cultural Council from the license bureau's sale of the Florida"State of The Arts" specialty license plates program. It is curious that McDaniel, on his own vehicle, has a "Save the Spoonbill" tag or whatever it's called.

Mc Daniels buddy Joe Boles the current mayor and art gallery owner was referenced in the St. Augustine Record (12-11-07) suggesting that St. Augustine should have its own "cultural council" to deal with topics such as which artists would be allowed to sell their work in the downtown plaza. Guess who he had in mind to head up this "council"?

To the mayor........................Try it Joe and you will fail. You were asleep during your First Amendment training?

He is further quoted as saying "The quicker we get it done, the better off we'll be," This was six months ago. Meanwhile police are sweeping the Plaza jailing artists and issuing fines,hiring undercover shoppers, paying patrolmen overtime and diluting city services with this outrageous anti public behaviour. Cut it out! Go away! The citizens want us there. Besides, it's the law.

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  1. Anonymous02 June, 2008

    This private group curries government favor to augmet their membership dues. Take a look at their board of directors. So many art lovers in St. Johns County. As long as they are government approved!