Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Where Is Suvo ?

5-7 E mail from Suvo to

In this photo Karl and I are at the confluence of Florida'a Withlacoochie and the Suwannee River. I am on the last leg of a "Southern Circle" trip through Savannah,Ga.,Atlanta,Ga,Asheville,N.C.,Cherokee N.C.,Tallahassee, Fl.and soon I'll be back in old St. Augustine after staying on Amelia Island for a few days.

I talked with artists in each of those towns and saw an amazing amount of talent. Whenever I set up my easel there was always someone stopping to talk. It is a good thing meeting people, but difficult to paint. I am a studio artist meaning that I do not paint the landscape on site. I really need my stuff around me.........yeah, "Old School "Scott,....even my computer, it is another tool for me. In this photo you will see a pristine brush and an already framed painting. I did not see a technicolor rooster pecking around the riverbank. A passing canoeist posed this picture and we downloaded it to the "jump drive" on my keychain. Technology!

Look at Karl gazing at the flowing peat colored water. Florida is a beautiful state. Karl and I are happy that we live here. St. Augustine is a gem of a city in Florida and it saddens me that some in the city are as intolerant of the street artists as they were of Martin Luther King back in '64.

May 13 is not a court date ! ( Offense - offering art for sale in the Plaza) but a pre trial date. I am confused by all of the preliminaries of Florida's court system. Nothing to see on that day but me and my attorney Tom Cushman just standin' there and that is not all that interesting. Perhaps you will come to see the lovely and gracious Judge Patty Christianson doing her marvelous judicial work and perhaps she will also read this.


  1. Anonymous07 May, 2008

    you do nothing but disturb the tourists and it because of you that artists are not allowed anymore. Just stay away and the city will benefit.I am a professional photographer who is banned from the plaza.

  2. Anonymous07 May, 2008

    I obey the law

  3. Anonymous07 May, 2008

    I would guess "your worst enemy" is someone who hides behind anonymity and has done nothing to stand up and fight for his rights, just riding the coat tails of others when it benefits him and criticizing wheb it doesn't... (Can you say Darrell?)

  4. I believe that the governments and elite of the world have forgotten that this world belongs to the free. Freedom demands that natural equality is the only sensible status quo. Suvo, exhibits a mentality that knows that self-expression is a form of freedom and is ultimately a divine ideal. Keep fighting Suvo...
    we got your back. the individual, "your worst enemy", even though you showed your God given free will to express yourself in your comments. You also expressed a lack of education in grammar, prose, philosophy...
    and apparently photography.
    Don't blame others for you inequities...

  5. Anonymous07 May, 2008

    "For somehow this is tyranny's disease, to trust no friends."
    Aeschylus (525 BC - 456 BC), Prometheus Bound

    My friend Suvo considers us all brothers and sisters who sometimes squabble. That said, his own blood brothers and sisters barely tolerate him. Oh well, he brings me good things to eat and knows where to scratch. I love him.

  6. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    We found your blog in google.It took us awhile to realize that you are the white haired artist in the park in St. Augustine. You sent us to the Columbia restaurant and we loved it! We admired your dog so much that it tipped us in favor of buying a Rotty pup named Carl(copycats).He is not as calm as your Carl but hey, he's a pup!

    Visiting the artists was one of the best things that we did in St. Augustine (equal to the Columbia). We bought a DiSanto print of St. George Street. Why the fuss? Surely you will be in the park when we come back in December.

  7. Anonymous08 May, 2008

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  8. Anonymous08 May, 2008

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  9. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    The scatological(and I'm a serious scatologic student) diatribes against "your worst enemy"is uncalled for. As a free speech advocate it pains me to remove postings but the threats of violence against an anonymous poster is silly don't you think?
    We need forbearance, there are many among you who are "walking wounded. You all are to some extent.Dogs?nope. bet!

    Can you humans really ...k yourself? Lucky! I can know.

  10. Anonymous10 May, 2008

    Ahh, Darrell ...I mean "your worst enemy" is still at it after all this time...Sad...and still wrong!

    Note the comment posted by one of those tourists Suvo "disturbed"...seems she feels differently than the "professional" photographer...

    United we stand
    Divided we fall...
    good thing the plaza wasnt full of "professional" photographers,but, instead, TRUE ARTISTS!

  11. Anonymous10 May, 2008

    Let's be clear on who it's NOT - me! As some would call me a very good photographer, I am too humble to call myself a professional. Cheers to Suvo, Karl, and all the others willing to speak against tyranny!