Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm A Doggy! Ya Know....A Canine!... A Good Boy!

Suvo tells me that many people call him Karl. Some call him "Karl's Dad" though this could not be biologically possible, we are OK with that. To clear up some misunderstandings the photo above is of me.....Karl. I'm a dog and I mean that in a good way. The white haired guy who hangs with me is Suvo, sometimes referred to as "Mr.Travose" by our junior city attorney Robin Upchurch.

Suvo has recently sent us an e mail and I will share it with you.

To: The Street Artists of St. Augustine

From: Suvo (Greg Travous)

Tom Cushman has responded on my behalf to the city's hired First Amendment expert, Michael Kahn. This is regarding our appeal on my guilty verdict for "offering for sale" art on St. George Street in Dec. 2006.

As you know, the city contends that we cause congestion and our exhibits are a safety hazard. We say that this is a bogus argument with absolutely no proof of the claim.

Tom Cushman argues, effectively, I hope ,that the Bery vs Guilliani judges says that "street marketing" is part of the message". This is very much so. To ban us from doing our street marketing is to disallow our message. If authorities stop an artist from sale and display, they violate our right to get out our message. The old tired argument that since we sell we are mere merchandisers has been overruled by the courts and in the court's words"well settled".

The future of the street artist in St. Augustine is at stake. We must stick together because frankly, one person has very little influence here. Talk with city commission candidates. (I'll get their e mails and phone) Try to continue to come to the Plaza. Display on St. George. Have flyers for the public. Keep your exhibit low key at 8'x10'. Self policing is necessary.Read the Court decisions on
Go to commission meetings.Create an artwork for our legal defense team of Tom Cushman and his administrative assistant Nadine Phelps. They want to win this!

Do not be lulled into the idea that the city and the commissioners want to help by offering a compromise (Pomar Park for Chrissake!, Do you know where that is? I don't think that it is even within city limits!)

Most of all, do not give up. A ticket is not the end of the world and it shows solidarity. If you are jailed such as I was......I'll come get you out. If I am jailed with you (give me the top bunk and help me keep my mouth shut) someone will get us out.

Illegitumi non carborundum.


The "powers that be"expect us to give up.By paying your tickets, you forfeit your legal rights(read the back of the ticket)

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  1. Anonymous10 June, 2008

    Hopefully it works. If "they" were to allow street marketing on St. George, I would come back and play.