Monday, July 18, 2011

No Retirement Here !

What does an artist do when he takes time away to relax? For Art In The Market artist Richard Childs it means that he still carries his sketchpad and creates. Richard is here in upstate New York on the porch of the 110 year old Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge N.Y. "I don't go anywhere without a sketchpad." says Richard." "In my second home city, St. Augustine, Florida I would have my coffee in the lobby foyer of the Casa Marina and sketch away. Here, I love the old wooden porch at the hotel."

A few years ago tourists in St. Augustine could get Richard's paintings or sculptures in The Plaza de la Constitucion but times have changed and artists are banned from most of the historic district. "It saddens me that we  had won a hard fought battle in  Federal Court battle over artist's First Amendment rights but the city of St. Augustine introduced a new ordinance that continues to violate our rights as affirmed by the court."

Childs' is multi gifted in that he is also a talented musician and is the "house pianist" on the Yamaha baby grand in the hotel's lobby. One of our favorite things is his role as a storytelling monologist . Check out" Three Short Stories" on his website, Art by Richard.

We hope to see Richard back in St. Augustine soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artist Ardis Hughes 1912- 2009

The story of a true "working artist" discussing the artist's life.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank You

Thank you Suvo for not letting us forget that this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Your tenacity and perseverance for what is just and protected by the highest law, has kept the rest of us in check these past, long and hard years for you: the brave.

We know that the best of writers are those who can make themselves understood through rich imagery. Yet the visual artist is seen as an oddity by City Hall, unless it’s big name can fetch many dollars in investments through a gallery business. Street artists have the blessing of passing on a message at low cost, because “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it is sheer imagery, and is accessible to Everyman: freedom of speech for all, as protected by the First Amendment to our US Constitution.

We watched you and Karl being hauled off to jail for defending the First and most noble of rules in our Constitution. They had the guns, and they could have killed us all, regardless of the Constitution, compliments of a bunch of incompetents at City Hall. But you stood your ground.

Thank you, Suvo, for facing the bullets and for all that you have taught us. Your efforts will not be forgotten nor be in vain.

Visual artist, Helena Sala

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Art In The Market Artist, Lance Gray

"End Of An Era" 24" x 18" acrylic on wood.
Lance and wife Patricia sailed and lived aboard boats for the past 20 years. They now live and operate their art business in St. Augustine, Florida. Lance is also a Vietnam veteran. Lance paints his life story. He has worked those winches and climbed the rigging of shrimp boats that searched the Gulf of Mexico out of Florida's West Coast. Calloused hands and a strong back were required. Lance can tell you stories of the many people he has met on the docks. Steinbeck has nothing on him.

We like his choice of painting surfaces that is usually cratewood found on the commercial fishing docks. Lance and his works are the "real deal". More Here

Friday, July 01, 2011


Art In The Market artist, Charles Dickinson was one of thirty artists invited to a "paint out" on the streets of historic Frederick, Maryland. If you click on tho the award winners you will see that Charles won the People's Choice Award. Frederick, Maryland, long a tourist destination, has been designated one of 25 Small City Arts Destinations by American Style Magazine. Charles has been setting up his easel in various New England towns over the past month. Next stop for Charles,....Bar Harbor, Maine where Art In The Market artist Elizabeth Harris is currently painting landscapes and outdoor scenery. These are truly art friendly communities who recognize that visual artists do not detract but add to the ambiance of a community. Perhaps one day the City of St. Augustine will not have a law prohibiting artists from setting up their easels in the historic district.
St. Augustine artists: front row, Left to Right. Scott Raimondo, Kate Merrick,Greg Travous,Ernest Lee, Counsel Tom Cushman.Top row, Dean Quigley,Elena Hecht,Casey Leydon, Rob Johannsen, Nancy Christiansen,Helena Sala. Out of town (not in photo) Bruce Bates, Charles Dickinson, Elizabeth Harris, Richard Childs.
Last Sunday artists and friends of Greg Travous held a picnic under the pavillion at Eddie Vicker's Park in Lincolnville. Food, fellowship and music made the afternoon a pleasant mellow event.