Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicago Artists

Artist pedalling charges dropped (naturally) but charged with recording the police. Faces 4-15 years felony punishment

Artist's Story

News Video ( click on the screen right side)

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Historic Parking Lot

In the City administration's efforts to eliminate artists from the Plaza, they are now advancing their case to the rest of the city contradicting the agreement to make the artist's successful May 2009 injunction permanent.
Tonight at the City Commission meeting ,paid employees will come forward under oath in a faux court like setting (no cross examination allowed) Photos of unregulated merchandise vendor activity will be shown and the City Attorney will say that this is proof that First Amendment activity needs to be restricted or curtailed. There will be scant evidence that any of this will be about visual artists but will show the mostly out of town flea market activity that the city has fostered in order to "make a case" as stated by City planner Mark Knight.
The new ordinance states that Anderson Circle (above) is one of the "prime historic spots in St. Augustine. (Really?) The artists first amendment activity will not be permitted on that spot. An artist may not set up an easel to paint a view of the Tradewinds Bar, the Hamlin Mansion(American Legion) or the bay view or the bridge entryway with the Lions at the entry. This carries a hundred dollar fine and a risk of jail since it will be a criminal infraction.
It seems that parking motorcycles passes muster as an activity permitted. This photo was taken at 3 pm yesterday. A number of police passed both on bicycle and auto problem. What a topsy turvy world we have created in St.Augustine Florida1.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

St. Augustine's Underbelly

Marshal Shoots City Councilman At Meeting

Bloody trail down St George Street

Argument over funding of Uniforms

The Monson Motel

On Martin Luther King Day, a group of about 35 listened to speeches and sermons at the gazebo in the Plaza de la Constitucion. Earlier, we walked over to the Hilton on the bayfront to look for a plaque commemorating Dr. King's 1964 protest at the then Monson Hotel swimming pool. The woman at the front desk had no idea where the plaque would be since the pool may have been located elsewhere at that time, she asked another who did not know either. Finally we found it but the gate around the pool was locked.(C'mon they never saw this?) Suvo climbed the gate and heavily heaved himself over for a closer view. He took the photo and climbed back again ripping his favorite khaki pants after crashing into the soda machine. You see....he thought that he was a limber 20 year old when he's three times that. Anyway,'s the picture.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ambassador Raymond Joseph

Haiti's Ambassador to the U.S. Raymond Joseph on a recent trip to our town ,visited with the Plaza artists . Ambassador Joseph responded eloquently to a question regarding Christian right leader Pat Robertson's contention that Haiti has a devil's pact. Here is a clip from Rachel Maddow's interview After the jump, Robertson's remarks on film are just below the first clip

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mayor Boles Engrossed in Research

See post below

No Response

James Nathaniel Eaton ..Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

At the ciy's last Commission meeting Mayor Boles filled in facts regarding the formation of a national committee for the city's upcoming 450th anniversary. The esteemed and accomplished Dr. Eaton has been formally asked to be listed on the board. No reponse has been received and frankly we would be taken aback if Dr. Eaton would respond as he has been deceased for the past six years.

This is an example of the unenlightened attitude that goes like this. "We need a black face on the board and General Colin Powell has turned us down . Don't know this guy, but our black Republican Erroll Jones says he's a good choice.( Commissioner Jones is a graduate of Dr. Eaton's school)...... so send out the invite."

We still think that famous Spanish femme, Charo (Coochie, Coochie) would be a good fit and will probably accept a business class plane ticket to Jacksonville if they can find someone to pick her up there. We are told that she is very much alive.