Saturday, August 30, 2008

443rd Anniversary Today


Pedro Menéndez de Avilés was a ruthless and fanatical man but also a daring commander. In the summer of 1565, he led a fleet to Florida's Atlantic coast, making his base at an inlet he discovered on Aug. 28 -- the feast day of St. Augustine. Menéndez gave the theologian's name to the encampment, which would become the longest continuously inhabited European settlement in America.

Menéndez sailed from St. Augustine in search of the French settlement at Fort Caroline near todays Jacksonville, coming upon it just as French reinforcements arrived by sea. He withdrew, but the French flotilla followed -- unwisely, as it turned out, because Menéndez and his men made it safely home just as a hurricane roared into the region, destroying the French ships. Seizing his opportunity, Menéndez pushed his men on a hellish march through swamps and torrents of rain to storm the undermanned Fort Caroline. He massacred almost all of the "Lutheran heretics" there before heading back to St. Augustine. Next Menendez turned his European conquest toward the "depradations" of the "savage" natives.
Our history is replete with "hero/devils". It is what it is.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

After a hard day's work shaking down the" peons ".St. Augustine City Boss pays a late night visit to old paramour Tanya played by Marlene Dietrich

Those Freedom Loving Democrats

Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel. Film of the arrest Here Take note of the cigar smoking (while chewing gum!) bozo cop.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health and Safety

Art In The Market artist R. Childs almost makes a sale (Click Here)

The City of St. Augustine Florida recognizes the Constitutional right of artist's displays in the United States' oldest public park. Yet contrary to this and ignoring existing Federal Court decisions,they use the bogus excuse that artist's may not offer their works for sale claiming that the artists create congestion and adversly affect public heath and safety.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Take That! Nature's Creatures!

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This is art? Who's to say? This old ad was at the bottom of a box in an dusty warehouse that one of our artists has converted into an art studio. A few pages of an Archie comic (circa mid 60's) were loosely attached (some story line concerning secondary character, thick necked Moose and his girlfriend Midge)

This ad is incredible. Read it (clock on) and see if you got the same message that we did.

Who says nature is so great?! ...........Man can overcome all obstacles, dominion over the creatures and all that stuff. Frogs? pffft! We can just order Timberline outerwear ...they can't. Yes kids....Man is truly amazing.

O ur research shows us that these "Public Service Advertisements" were published in comic books by the United States Youth Council, a branch of The National Social Welfare Agency. In 1967, The New York Times revealed that the CIA had supplied 90 percent of the organization's funds, and was surreptitiously controlling its agenda. Presidents and vice-presidents of USYC were aware of the source of the funds: They were given a top-secret security clearance by the CIA and required to sign a 20-year confidentiality agreement to keep the intelligence agency's involvement a secret.

update: In 2007, Archie Andrews (age 61) was living over his aging parents garage needling them to increase his weekly allowance. His last job as telemarketer was outsourced to India. Strangely, he and Jughead share a blog where they pretend to still be in high school. You can also order Betty or Veronica busts.( no comment)

Deja Vu All Over Again

Aging boomers remember inventive musician, composer Frank Zappa 1940 –1993 (and The Mothers of Invention) as an erudite defender of free speech.(Senate testimony 1985) Twenty one years ago Frank put on a tie and a black suit lookin like a Mormon pirate and bravely went down to the Crossfire studios in Washington D.C. to debate proposed government censorship.
We stumbled upon the 1986 video and a recent blogger rant against the "sick and perverted" Frank Zappa. Here are good Christian people who believe that we here in 2008, "should exhume his body and burn it in a dumpster".We think that Zappa was making valid points against these condescending "suits" who were almost "frothing" at Zappa's licentiousness and immorality. Zappa who condemned drug use and set up voter registration booths at his concerts was what we might call a "liberal conservative". Watch the old guys go nuts when Zappa warns of encroaching government totalitarianism. Frankly.....we doubt that with the mindset today ......he would never get on the air. Watch this here. Make a comment below if you like.
Where are today's John Lennons and Frank Zappas? We Miss you George Carlin. Bill Maher has potential. Lewis so much.
Update: (Unsubstantiated) Bobby Goldsboro who wrote "nice" songs that these guys would approve reportedly had a past run in with authorities over _______ (Oh no! Scotty?).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whatever Happened To......

Singer Bobby Goldsboro and his painting "Orchid"
A local gallery had recently had a showing of Bobby Goldsboro's prints and paintings .Exhibits with celebrity artists have always been a good marketing tool. You can expect visitors who ordinarily would not come to your gallery. You can also usually expect exorbitant prices that would lead you to believe that you are acquiring a masterwork that will be a family heirloom and asset for years to come. Some are so enthralled with "celebrity" that they will part with thousands of dollars for a mediocre painting by an entertainer who has long since faded back into obscurity.
A press release for Goldsboro states, "Bobby Goldsboro’s music has always stirred the emotions. now, his paintings are doing the same".
For some of us we fervently hope that the emotions evoked by his song "Honey" NOT be resurrected. The lyrics mention a "not there" Honey ,who was "kinda dumb and kinda smart". The condescending narrator laughs at her for planting a tree and then "laughed till he cried" when she "slipped and almost hurt herself". He gives her a puppy for Christmas and then complains that it" kept him up"all night. Honey would continually cry needlessly (over something silly, he said) in the middle of the day and at night when he got off the late shift. What about when she wrecked the car and was afraid that he'd be mad? He was pissed... he's now saying' that he was only pretending (gotta keep up the bully act, right.) And then, just like that,with no warning, when he says that he wasn't his words......"the angels came" He emphasises that she was ALONE.
Well pal , I think that the police might have some questions for you down at the station. Is that fresh dirt below the tree there? You had a habit of coming home unexpectedly. Why is that? Ok, maybe she slipped again and hurt herself really bad . After laughing at her like you usually do, you noticed that she was out cold, that she might have a serious concussion and then, as you say, the "angels came." It's panicked and weren't thinkin' clearly. Or maybe you were upset that she wrecked the car again? Is that your shovel over there? Yeah sure, we know...yer bein' good , you told us , but we're callin' the cops. Enough with the tree!....We see it ....yeah sure, used to be small . What happened to the puppy?

Goldsboro, who first picked up a brush three years ago asks around 6000 dollars and his 8x10 prints are 300 dollars. He lives near Ocala.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Separated At Birth ?

Our defense attorney Tom Cushman (left) Film Director/producer George Lucas (right)

Tom Cushman battles the "forces of evil" for artists.

Lucas is an artist who depicts the battle of good and evil in his films.

Both have that "squinty eyed" John Wayne style.

Both know when to talk and when to be silent ( Tom's clients could learn from this)

In 1977 Lucas released his film "Star Wars". Later that year Tom went to a theater to see that very same film!

An important setting in Lucas' "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was the church in the Piazza San Marco.

Tom Cushman has an office on San Marco Blvd.

In the year 2000, at a Celebrity race Lucas competed in a a Toyota Scion tC Sports Coupe.

Tom drives a Toyota Solara.

Lucas does not attend Star Wars Conventions. Neither does Tom.

Both like licorice.

NEXT: Separated at Birth , City Prosecutor Robin Upchurch and Wednesday Addams.

From The Studio To The Street

"Peces de Colores" quadtych , each 12"x 12"x 1.5" giclee on canvas

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Art Advocate - Bill Lennon

Candidate for Mayor, Former Commissioner Bill Lennon

"As a young man I was very involved in rock and roll,......all my talents are in hockey and boxing. I hope this gives you a little of my back round (sic) as far as the arts go."

"Nobody likes anybody who sues the city."

You can't set up your art here.............I wrote the law !"

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Art Not Welcome by City bureaucrats

St. Augustine. Daytona Beach, New Smyna, Key West. etc. Damn you Johnny Depp !

"T-shirt and key chain merchants may be tacky, but they pay the rent on time."

Susan Parker, Former City Historian, Heritage Preservation Consultant for the Florida Department of State. Feb. 19, 2008 , St. Augustine Record.

"The city is the biggest landlord on St. George Street. "

Feb. 19, 2008 St. Augustine Record

" The Woolworth building on King Street was built around the turn of the 20th century."

Dr. Bill Adams , Director of the City of St. Augustine's Department of Heritage Tourism, in his opinion that the artists detracted from the historic surroundings of the Plaza. Nov, 13 2007 , Special City Commission meeting. ........Fact: The Woolworth building was built in 1959. It is now completely fronted on the sidewalk with racks of 3 for $10 T shirts and a life sized epoxy pirate.
"Oh Yeah, I forgot." Adams response to the above when it was pointed out after this "special meeting" prohibiting artists.