Monday, August 25, 2008

Take That! Nature's Creatures!

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This is art? Who's to say? This old ad was at the bottom of a box in an dusty warehouse that one of our artists has converted into an art studio. A few pages of an Archie comic (circa mid 60's) were loosely attached (some story line concerning secondary character, thick necked Moose and his girlfriend Midge)

This ad is incredible. Read it (clock on) and see if you got the same message that we did.

Who says nature is so great?! ...........Man can overcome all obstacles, dominion over the creatures and all that stuff. Frogs? pffft! We can just order Timberline outerwear ...they can't. Yes kids....Man is truly amazing.

O ur research shows us that these "Public Service Advertisements" were published in comic books by the United States Youth Council, a branch of The National Social Welfare Agency. In 1967, The New York Times revealed that the CIA had supplied 90 percent of the organization's funds, and was surreptitiously controlling its agenda. Presidents and vice-presidents of USYC were aware of the source of the funds: They were given a top-secret security clearance by the CIA and required to sign a 20-year confidentiality agreement to keep the intelligence agency's involvement a secret.

update: In 2007, Archie Andrews (age 61) was living over his aging parents garage needling them to increase his weekly allowance. His last job as telemarketer was outsourced to India. Strangely, he and Jughead share a blog where they pretend to still be in high school. You can also order Betty or Veronica busts.( no comment)

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