Saturday, August 02, 2008

Art Not Welcome by City bureaucrats

St. Augustine. Daytona Beach, New Smyna, Key West. etc. Damn you Johnny Depp !

"T-shirt and key chain merchants may be tacky, but they pay the rent on time."

Susan Parker, Former City Historian, Heritage Preservation Consultant for the Florida Department of State. Feb. 19, 2008 , St. Augustine Record.

"The city is the biggest landlord on St. George Street. "

Feb. 19, 2008 St. Augustine Record

" The Woolworth building on King Street was built around the turn of the 20th century."

Dr. Bill Adams , Director of the City of St. Augustine's Department of Heritage Tourism, in his opinion that the artists detracted from the historic surroundings of the Plaza. Nov, 13 2007 , Special City Commission meeting. ........Fact: The Woolworth building was built in 1959. It is now completely fronted on the sidewalk with racks of 3 for $10 T shirts and a life sized epoxy pirate.
"Oh Yeah, I forgot." Adams response to the above when it was pointed out after this "special meeting" prohibiting artists.


  1. Regarding "Historian" Bill Adams statement on St. Augustine's Woolworth building. Either he was embellishing to to push the city's agenda or he actually "forgot". If it is the latter, it is time to historian's chief tool would be "memory" would it not?

  2. I don't see how it is possible that the art in the plaza could take anything away from the historic value of said plaza. The citys' agenda is clear. It wants to fleece the carpet baggers that are renting the shops, and in turn the carpet baggers get to fleece the tourists. The artists in the plaza are not fleecing any one. I think the act of not fleecing, sticks in their craw, and makes them choke. Bill Adams is a baffoon.

  3. There is a gathering Tuesday night August 5, at the St. Augustine Pier. To show support for "Fighting Crime" in the area...
    Of course if anybody from the city council should show up...
    the criminal elite will then be present.
    Just wondering if you'll be there to see what's going down...
    We will be there to monitor and take fun pictures.
    Maybe i'll send you some.

    Aramal Malik