Monday, August 25, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Aging boomers remember inventive musician, composer Frank Zappa 1940 –1993 (and The Mothers of Invention) as an erudite defender of free speech.(Senate testimony 1985) Twenty one years ago Frank put on a tie and a black suit lookin like a Mormon pirate and bravely went down to the Crossfire studios in Washington D.C. to debate proposed government censorship.
We stumbled upon the 1986 video and a recent blogger rant against the "sick and perverted" Frank Zappa. Here are good Christian people who believe that we here in 2008, "should exhume his body and burn it in a dumpster".We think that Zappa was making valid points against these condescending "suits" who were almost "frothing" at Zappa's licentiousness and immorality. Zappa who condemned drug use and set up voter registration booths at his concerts was what we might call a "liberal conservative". Watch the old guys go nuts when Zappa warns of encroaching government totalitarianism. Frankly.....we doubt that with the mindset today ......he would never get on the air. Watch this here. Make a comment below if you like.
Where are today's John Lennons and Frank Zappas? We Miss you George Carlin. Bill Maher has potential. Lewis so much.
Update: (Unsubstantiated) Bobby Goldsboro who wrote "nice" songs that these guys would approve reportedly had a past run in with authorities over _______ (Oh no! Scotty?).

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  1. I whatched the vidio, I think Zappa made a very good point, where America is moving. To a facist government. John lofton is the kind of person I can easilly hate. He wants to force his morals and beliefs right down our throats, and up our asses at the same time. I take my hat off to Zappa for standing up to theese bastards. He could have just remained silent and not stick his neck out on national T.V. He is right it is just words.