Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whatever Happened To......

Singer Bobby Goldsboro and his painting "Orchid"
A local gallery had recently had a showing of Bobby Goldsboro's prints and paintings .Exhibits with celebrity artists have always been a good marketing tool. You can expect visitors who ordinarily would not come to your gallery. You can also usually expect exorbitant prices that would lead you to believe that you are acquiring a masterwork that will be a family heirloom and asset for years to come. Some are so enthralled with "celebrity" that they will part with thousands of dollars for a mediocre painting by an entertainer who has long since faded back into obscurity.
A press release for Goldsboro states, "Bobby Goldsboro’s music has always stirred the emotions. now, his paintings are doing the same".
For some of us we fervently hope that the emotions evoked by his song "Honey" NOT be resurrected. The lyrics mention a "not there" Honey ,who was "kinda dumb and kinda smart". The condescending narrator laughs at her for planting a tree and then "laughed till he cried" when she "slipped and almost hurt herself". He gives her a puppy for Christmas and then complains that it" kept him up"all night. Honey would continually cry needlessly (over something silly, he said) in the middle of the day and at night when he got off the late shift. What about when she wrecked the car and was afraid that he'd be mad? He was pissed... he's now saying' that he was only pretending (gotta keep up the bully act, right.) And then, just like that,with no warning, when he says that he wasn't his words......"the angels came" He emphasises that she was ALONE.
Well pal , I think that the police might have some questions for you down at the station. Is that fresh dirt below the tree there? You had a habit of coming home unexpectedly. Why is that? Ok, maybe she slipped again and hurt herself really bad . After laughing at her like you usually do, you noticed that she was out cold, that she might have a serious concussion and then, as you say, the "angels came." It's panicked and weren't thinkin' clearly. Or maybe you were upset that she wrecked the car again? Is that your shovel over there? Yeah sure, we know...yer bein' good , you told us , but we're callin' the cops. Enough with the tree!....We see it ....yeah sure, used to be small . What happened to the puppy?

Goldsboro, who first picked up a brush three years ago asks around 6000 dollars and his 8x10 prints are 300 dollars. He lives near Ocala.


  1. they look like they are wilting. For that kind of cash I would at least want a flower that looked fresh. Maybe he should have watered them before painting them.

  2. I hate that song! I would rather listen to Tony Orlando and Dawn and i hate them but not as much.

  3. Can you exhibit paintings like that down there in St Augustine? Bobby has clearly created a work that reeks of sensuality."Double Cervix" would be an appropriate title.

  4. I never thought about it. That's one sick song.