Friday, June 30, 2006

Cheers for the City !

We have previously mentioned the Thursday night concerts in the Plaza. Imagine twilight skies, Spanish moss garlands in the ancient trees and some knockout music from professional area musicians. The City is the prime sponsor and Director of Public Affairs, Paul Williamson ( see his lookalike, actor Paul Dooley) oversees all of these events. He is our own Ed Sullivan (if you are over 50) or Carson Daley ( for the twenty somethings)

Last night Bob and Jolene's Friends of Mine Band performed and they were in fine form. We want to see them again so will probably look up their schedule and actually buy a drink or two to hear them play. Last week's Mike Hart Band with their Randy Newman type compositions and the talking wah wah guitar ( think Peter Frampton) were equal hits.

July 4 will have The "All Star Band" ( not the one with Ringo Starr) playing Big Band music, so bring the old folks ! The Bridge of Lions Part 2 will close so that we can all watch fireworks over the Mantanzas River. We are so lucky to be here! Hello to everyone back in Peoria ! Fireworks at Smitty's Salvage Yard just doesn't come up to this does it?

Has anyone heard that the old coquina seawall is in danger of being demolished for a modern seawall? Historian Daid Nolan writes that it WILL be replaced. That would be a shame. We need more info and will inform our gentle readers. We now have 400 subscribers who have walked throug the Plaza within the past six months.

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