Friday, October 27, 2006

Homeless in the Ancient City


"The homeless problem may be lessened as the colder months drive them indoors"

A quote from City Commissioner Errol Jones, St. Augustine City Commission. Mr. Jones is a social worker with the St. Johns County School District and an adjunct professor of sociology at Bethune-Cookman College.

Mr. Jones apparently does not grasp the concept of "homeless"

During a recent City Council meeting a discussion of "the downtown homeless" brought out a number of citizens with their anecdotes on the aggravation of seeing the homeless in the Plaza. Tim Burchfield, Chief Administrative Officer spent most of the time reading USA Today. City Commissioner Susan Burk was attentive but the gum chewing seemed out of place, particularly since the meetings are televised.

Let's give them a chance to come up with some "bandaid" solutions to a societal problem. Anything can help. During the discussion the phrase ,"Let's not reinvent the wheel" was heard three times from two commissioners. Ok fellas let's not come up innovative or progressive programs that might enhance the quality of life for all citizens. Shelved for further discussion.

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