Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When Artists Were Welcome

From an article in the Conway Daily Sun (N.H.), 4-13 -o7, referencing the White Mountain New Hampshire artist colony at the turn of the century through the 20´s"When they were not here, many went down to St. Augustine, Florida, and took up artists-in-residency there. They still sort of traveled as tourists."The hotels would use that as an attraction, and it was a ready market for the artists. It worked out for both," Belson continued. "I think it was all interrelated and symbiotic. Not just the hotel owners and the artists, but the owners of the railroads — they would put out their little booklets, brochures and guidebooks and use artists' paintings; make them into prints and put them on their maps and such. They were co-promoting each other."Article Link

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