Monday, June 11, 2007

Caucasian Women In Art


"If the artists are going to be setting up in different parts of the Plaza we're gonna have to make some rules" City of St. Augustine City Official

"How come I getta hunnert dolla fine for flyin' a sign (panhandling) on Cordova and King and them white kids with the dog don't get bothered?" Porkchop's comments on injustice

"This year we are going to have the "real" Bill Mack visit the gallery." Love Gallery employee referring to last years "ringer impersonator" sent in sculptor Bill Mack's place for a private opening.

"We checked with the City and we can sell jewelry as long as we make it ourselves. We only want people who buy stuff to stop here , so you can leave." Lady crafter to an artist.

"The pope will be coming here for the 450th anniversary of St. Augustine and will be staying at the basilica where they maintain a bedroom for him." Misinformed Red Train Driver

"They are taking Jesus for a walk, honey" Mother explaining the Corpus Christi procession around the Plaza last Sunday


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2007

    Um, OK, is it the morphing or is it me? All caucasian women painted in history seem to have the same bone structure, leading to a string of look-a-likes. Strange seeing art portrayed this way. The more modern artists seem to have a broader view of the idea of caucasian beauty.
    Especially Picasso. (LOL)

    I, by no means am an art historian, but - any idea why women were painted to look so much alike? ...Or is it just the idea of society's view of beauty? Like today, the wafer thin are held as the great standard of beauty in our society....

  2. Anonymous12 June, 2007

    Wow! What a film! Yes, Sherri most if not all of the painters were men with ideas about Western European female beauty. The commissions were done by the wealthy who dared not expose the little lady's delicate epidermis to the sun. The Eastern European peasant stock with the broader rounded face well these were the peasant farm stock. Waiting for Van Gogh or Millet

  3. Anonymous13 June, 2007

    Most of the best artists have always been men.That's just the way it is.

  4. Anonymous14 June, 2007

    Raimondo, you suck!