Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Invitation From Quigley

Please attend the Quigley ARTY- PARTY AN EVENING.OF good cheerr.... endless bantering......live music on the front porch from yours truly with an ecclectic gathering of musicians folk/country rock and GYPSY music, good food and decent SPIRITS at the humble home of QUIGLEY!
47 Grove Ave its the most killer ol two story house on the block!!(Just behind the Village Inn Restaurant on US 1- accross the Events Field)
FRIDAY NITE! December 19, 2008
@ Six PM till the cows come home!!!!!!!!!!! or so when we need to call it a nite so we can get to our respective places at the Plaza in fair health on the following AM!!!!!
bring snacks if ya can -I will be providing limited spirits and NEWCASTLE ALE!

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