Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mayor Boles and his fiancee Jane will be married at the end of this month. Our best to them.


  1. Congratulations to Mayor and Mrs. BOLES.

    Mayor BOLES was the only City Commissioner who voted correctly -- twice -- on the First Amendment and the Bridge of Lions Rainbow flags (May 23, 2005 and again on June 13, 2005). I salute him.

    If only BOLES would respect the First Amendment where it counts most -- criticism of corporativism.

    If only BOLES would treat dissenters with the same exaggerated courtesy with which he treats developers, FPL, Time-Warner & Comcast, Big Oil, Tour Trains, and other large organizations.

    Where land-raping, wetland-killing developers are concerned, BOLES & Co. are always giving them extra time, always letting them have the last word, never asking them for documents, not requiring them to be sworn under oath, never asking questions, and generally letting GEORGE McCLURE talk a starving dog off a meatwagon.

    BOLES has emotional problems with First Amendment protected activity regarding WILLIAM B. HARRIS & others who think they're entitled to fawning obeisance.

    Will GEORGE MCCLURE be BOLES' best man?

  2. Whatever Ed.

    Quit infecting this blog.

  3. Anonymous01 May, 2009

    Love is blind...

  4. Anonymous05 May, 2009

    Hey Servo!

    Did you ask the photographer for permission to use this photo of the happy couple? :) Access to shots like this are usually paid for unless some other arrangement is made in advance. At the very least a photo credit would have been nice!

    The Photographer

  5. Busted ! are correct. The photo was sent to us and we didn't ask the right questions.

    It has been replaced.

  6. Anonymous05 May, 2009

    Not a problem. It wasn’t like the time when I found out the city was using my photographs (without my knowledge.) on thank you cards. ;0

    I like your caricature of the love birds. It fits this funny paper town we live in.