Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ordinance 22-6 ,City of St. Augustine.....(prohibited in the Plaza and surrounding streets) "...artistry or the creation of visual art and wares, which includes drawings or paintings applied to paper, cardboard, canvas, cloth or to other similar medium when such art is applied to the medium through the use of brush, pastel, crayon, pencil, spray or other similar object, and the creation, display and/or sale of crafts made by hand or otherwise".

The next day the artist Suvo was again in the Plaza and cited on the above city code violation.

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  1. I am a new resident to St Augustine. I am also disabled. I am reinventinting myself down here in St. Auggie after a failed back surgery. I have been working some very nice weekly shows here in town, with hopes of making a few extra bucks a week to help keep my head above water! sad to say that these shows have ended up costing me more than I have made over these few weeks. so as I sit here weighing my opions I thought of joining the other artist on the streets of St. Auggie. The City that I was told supports the arts more than any where else in the country!...Really? so this is how St. Auggie supports the arts??? I wanted to do everything by the book, I got my fl tax id I got my St Johns Business id and i payed my rent every week at these local shows... and now that I want to Take my art to the streets, I cant! or I will be given a ticket! I guess there still are Pirates in St Augustine, they are sailing abord the ship "THE CITY HALL".....
    The Pirates Know as the City Council are just doing there masters bidding! its just Business!
    dont take it personal... so one needs to pay to play! what the city doesnt realize is that people dont become artist... they are made that way... it would be a lot easier if I was a plumber! but I am a sculptor and as I have done every thing by the book here and I need to go to the streets with my art....I Cant? unreal and shame on you The City Council!!! as you cut the throats of the creative and make artist criminals? maybe you can get a starbucks vendor cart there selling over priced drinks to the tourist? and to be truley fair you can make those art people work them for min wage? win win for everyone... right? shame on you!!!