Monday, May 16, 2011

A Good Day In Our City

"As Mayor of the City of St. Augustine, I apoligize for all past mayors, current and future mayors to those whose civil rights have been violated by the city." Joseph Boles, City of St. Augustine. Slave Market speech , 5-14-11

Though it was an overly broad, sweeping statement, Mayor Boles' sentiment is well intentioned. On Saturday, in the Plaza we had the unveiling of sculptor Brian Owens' work commemorating the citizens of St. Augustine who non violently stood up to the jeering racist crowds in the difficult summer of 1964. The bronze in the Plaza is a beautiful tribute to those "ordinary citizens".

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  1. The Fox And The Hen House
    Plucked Feather Chump Change

    The fox, with fresh blood still dripping from his fat chin and his gross
    misshapen belly stretched huge from his past murders, and now feeling
    fully in control of the hijacked hen house, sets up a plucked feather
    monument to some of the hens who have resisted his killing and maiming
    and theft of the hen house.

    The fat greedy fox then, at a memorial presentation ceremony,
    disingenuously apologizes for his past, present, and future (yes, he is
    boldly and arrogantly telling you that this gross abuse WILL continue)
    immoral, elite, greedy gangster misdeeds and says NOTHING about
    returning his stolen power, or stolen wealth, or making restitution to
    the countless thousands he has, and continues to, exploit, murder and
    maim. Instead the hens are given a 'chump change' (compared to what has
    been stolen) monument and they all, without thinking to deeply about
    what they are doing, participate in a ceremony that serves to validate,
    legitimize and further empower the fox that has gang raped them all.

    One of the hens, who is CURRENTLY resisting the on going killing,
    maiming, and theft, and, who is CURRENTLY being selectively punished and
    whose spirit is CURRENTLY being eviscerated by that immoral and evil
    force, characterizes the event as; "A Good Day In Our City", and says
    the remarks of the fox were; "well intentioned", and, "The bronze in the
    Plaza is a beautiful tribute to those "ordinary citizens".

    "Our" city, "well intentioned", "a beautiful tribute to those "ordinary

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