Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm OK !

Some of you may have heard that I recently spent six days in Flagler Hospital. I was feeling poorly and was concerned about a recent 26 pound weight loss. Solid foods were not going down for a couple of weeks and I had been relying on soup.

After being punctured and probed for days, I received the grim prognosis, verified by a group of doctors. Cancer had reached stage four and was in four organs. Treatments would be useless at this point. Many of my friends were already aware that I knew of a cancerous condition for the last four years. This means that I have prepared myself for "the finals".

I am still walking and talking ( rare at this stage, per my oncologist) and the only effects now is a general weakness and a dull belly ache and nausea with a loss of appetite.

I still have work to do though setting up my art in the plaza is no longer physically possible. The ability for my fellow artists to do so is still my high priority and I'm working on this.

I am fortunate to have received such great care at Flagler Hospital and Community Hospice. I am also fortunate to have been able to have spent the last six years in a wonderful community that I've learned to love and have met many fantastic friends.

I am writing this now because there may be physical changes coming and while I am lucid now, this may change in the future. I wanted friends to know that I want no drama nor "get well soon wishes". I have lived a life that has been what I consider interesting and have had more than my share of adventure. I am not a religious nor spiritual person to which I consider an advantage at this stage believing that no punishment awaits me and I'll leave knowing that I tried to do the best that I could with normal human limitations and flaws. So when you see me (yes, I'll walk and talk as long as I can) try not to treat me any differently.

You are all wonderful and I hope to see you around town. I'll buy the coffee and try to make you laugh.

Greg Travous

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