Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Canine Art

Self Portrait by Karl the Rottweiler
During my recent incarceration in the St. John's County Animal Shelter(the place smelled GREAT!) I pondered "How can I, a mere dog, help the artists in their First Amendment onslaught of violations from the city of St. Augustine?" It came to me just as I saw them bring in weirdest looking creature, putting it (poodle?) in the next cell. I thought "Gee, apes do it , elephants do it!, even Scott Raimondo does it....Let´s do it, Lets fall in......ok, ok, I will paint and sell to help the other artists!" So I did, Ipainted with the help of the white haired one.
In order to raise funds for legal defense and the continued battle for artist's first Amendment Rights in St. Augustine I have released an 8"x10"edition ( on 120# card stock)of my only visual artwork. It comes with a signed authenticity certificate and my biography.
The laughable city ordinances on art and media says nothing about non human artists
Look for my work soon in the Plaza De La Constitucion or another public place.
By the way, what's with poodles, are they in some sort of weird religious doggy cult?


  1. Hello Suvo
    Karl was a prize student of Service Dogs America. He´s still with us at 14 unbelievable! He is a treasure.Come back soon.

  2. Karl is so peaceful, and has much more patience than most of humans. He could teach us some things about life I'm sure. I have no doubt that his artwork will be famous someday!