Friday, July 18, 2008

Dean Quigley

That's Art In The Market artist Dean Quigley as naturalist/artist William Bartram. Dean is considered an expert on Bartram's 18 century Southern travels. He has worked closely with The University of Florida illustrating a number of books from the University's press. Dean is in Pensacola by invitation this week discussing artist's involvement in Pensacola's 450th anniversary. At a later date we will let you know what agency he was talking with and the extent of artists' involvement in their anniversary.
St. Augustine's own organization, the 450 group is headed by a commissioner who has shown himself to be an enemy of free expression and the U.S. Constitution. We do not expect the City to want the involvement of Art In The Market artists. Pensacola seems to have a different mindset

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  1. Dean will be in Pensacola as an artist in residence during the month of May (2009). He has been commissioned by Celebrate Pensacola( the organization responsible for coordinating the city’s 450th yearlong celebration) to complete 10 paintings which will begin with Don Tristan de Luna’s landing in Pensacola on August 15, 1559 and take the viewers on an historical journey through Pensacola’s past through today. The set of original art work will be presented to the City of Pensacola as a gift from Celebrate Pensacola. A limited number of giclĂ©es or lithographs of the paintings will be available to the public for purchase