Thursday, October 28, 2010

Survivor !

We love a good rescue at sea.......STORY

What do you wanna bet that at least one reporter asked,"What were you thinking while you were standed at sea?"

Possible answers: I was thinkin' ..............
  'Did I unplug the iron before I left?'
 "Why didn't I take up golf for a hobby instead?"
 "Am I gonna have to drink my own urine?"
 "I should recharge my cell phone more often"
"My ex is laughin her ass off right now"
 "Am I hallucinatin' ,or is that Sarah Palin's face on a sea cow!"
"First mate Jorge, I miss him already but a body has gotta have protein to survive!"

We are glad that Mr.Steg is back. There are some funny and strange comments at the end of this news story link.

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