Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pirate Museum Opens

Top L to R: Owner, Pat Croce and all female staff, Wednesday V.I.P opening, Croce and the Mayor, Fake pirates and Elaine Frazer (Fountain of Youth)

On Friday 12/3 there was a V.I. P. reception for local bigwigs and city employees at the "Pirate Soul Museum" built by entrepreneur Pat Croce. You could spot our local politicians in their coats and ties while Croce was in jeans and an oxford cloth button down. Noticing this, the mayor pocketed the tie that he came with.

It is impressive according to attendees. Disney animatronics has been employed to tell the story of the life of eighteenth century pirates. Display cases exhibit artifacts from Croce's private collection and items on loan from the state of Florida.

The "pirate juggernaut" in our tourism plan seems to be taking over though St.Augustine was never "a stronghold of piracy" as was reported. Nevertheless, the building renovation is a great addition to our bay front and Pat Croce's enthusiasm for his project has given our town a nice new addition. LINK

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