Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Art Of Bruce Bates

This is Art In The Market artist Bruce Bates' oil on canvas version of William-Adolphe Bouguereau's (detail) First Kiss. Bruce creates remarkable abstract wall sculptures, mixed media photographs, portraits and clever ad copy ("Not anymore, please!", says Bruce)
You will find Bruce and his art in the Plaza or on the streets most weekends.
Note: Do you want to see real live breathing artists and not some faux psuedo sophisticates guiding you to their closing room for "easy financing" and false "investment" spiels ? Yes? Visit us in the Plaza De La Constitucion.

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  1. My 78 year oldMom bought a 3000 dollar Thomas Kinkaid at one of his franchises thinking that it was an original. It is one of 750 printed on canvas.The sales spiel implied that it will be worth beaucoup dollars in the future.After Mom died we took it to a Kinkaid Gallery in Calif for resale. They were not interested nor would they take consignment unless we sold it wholesale to them for pennies on the dollar. So much for their "investment"