Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Minorcans and Slavery

Proposed Government House Mural by Kara Walker
Preparing for St. Augustine's 450th anniversary in 2015 we should all begin to think of public art projects. One of our suggestions would be to commission Kara Walker to do a mural series regarding the Spanish attitudes to the slavery of African Americans. We keep hearing tour guides and trolley drivers tout that the Spanish were really "good slaveholders" permitting their workers to earn money and even work their way out of bondage. Bunk. Slavery is slavery. The Spanish held onto human slavery much longer than other European nations and did not abolish the institution until 1886. Walker's silhouettes of stereotype massas and concubines works on a number of levels. This could be an important exhibit specifically commissioned by our not so progressive City Council. Ever heard of Kara Walker, Commissioner Jones? How about Aaron Douglas, Henry O . Tanner or Jacob Lawrence ?(lived here in St. Augustine)

1 comment:

  1. is Kara Walker related to anyone in city government?
    I think thats the only way she'd get commissioned by the city for a mural!