Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Art of Sarah Platt

Some months ago a talented young artist from Lake Mary set up her paintings and prints in the plaza on a Sunday morning across the street from the Cathedral. No other artists were there to assist her and help her set up. We would've suggested (though hypocrites we may be) that a large 4'x3' canvas be partially covered as some may take offense. This was the Bishop's day to say high Mass and she was only about sixty feet from the front doors of the Basillica. Alas, no one else was there to give her that advice.

She was ticketed 100 dollars for "offering for sale" her prints and paintings. Later we told her that she might have gotten away with a warning but for the two celestials coupling in her big painting.

We were criticized for covering up the painting as we did above here. So as not to appear censorial we have linked it here without any cover up. Use the back button to return here.


  1. Anonymous29 July, 2008

    Cool, I just had to look behind the sign. Like whats behind the green door? I personaly despise religon, of all types. I do respect enlightenment, and spiritual awereness though. I personaly wont swallow all of the dogmatic horse crap that seems to go along with the various religons of the world. I also detest fanaticisem of every kind. May the force be with you...

  2. when i went there i didnt even know the laws had changed in st. augustine. that painting really ment alot to me n how i felt about a past relationship. it was not my intension to shock people or disrespect anyones beliefs. it was just to express my own n try and share something i feel to be passionate and free spirited. haha, i still havent paid that ticket. what i criminal i must be.

  3. hey. i just clicked the one thats not covered. i dont even remember that cute conversation. what does carnal mean anyway? isnt that a bird? i had no idea it was a holiday.