Saturday, February 28, 2009

Isn't That Cute? NOT!

Suvo: What's wrong with your dog?
Street Guy: Waddya mean?
Suvo: That dog is drugged, he can hardly stay upright.
Street Guy: He's on antibiotics
Suvo: Ya know.... I see what you do to that dog. You give him a pincerlike squeeze from behind to make him sit or lie down. I'll bet that hurts. Can you take off his glasses?
Street Guy: He's fine
Suvo: I saw you draggin' him the other day. He's not happy with you. Here's some dog food. I'm gonna be watchin' this dog.
Street Guy: Kiss my ass!
Suvo: Oh yeah !, well........... you can.........just do what I say! Okay? ( weak ending, Suvo is NOT a tough guy)
The St. Augustine Record thought that this guy's exploitive act was cute enough to put his photo on the front page.
Update: We haven't seen him in awhile but we believe that the dog has been rescued ....see this story from Ocala. After checking with others, it was confirmed, this is the guy.


  1. He collected quite a bit of money on the streets with this dog,only to take it to West Augustine for drugs.

  2. Thank goodness the government saved that dog. What a self-important dog exploiter. Probably would have shown up to the courthouse leaving his poor dog closed up in garbage stuffed station wagon. Don't you hate when people use their pets?

  3. I got Suvo to read that last comment and it didn't phase him.You can't be subtle with him