Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Don't Go There?"...

Last week City Commissioner Errol Jones stopped by one of our artist's displays set up on the edge of the downtown district. While parked in a "No Parking" zone for over an hour he presumably wanted to debate free speech with the artist. When the artist said that our group will not be sent "to the back of the bus". This was Jones' reply

"Whoa! DO NOT GO THERE". replied Commissioner Jones who is African American.
Like it or not Commissioner, this banishment of artists from the city is a civil Rights issue. No abstraction should be required. As an African American of a certain age in a southern town we have no doubt that you have experienced deep prejudices and have seen them overcome and hopefully more progress will come. Let's be clear here.CIVIL RIGHTS covers more than black and white issues and you do not own the mantle of St. Augustine's "Civil Rights guy".

Your understanding of Artist's Rights go no further than what the city attorneys tell you. You have consistently voted against our efforts to exert our rights. It is to our dismay that your circle of understanding of our civil rights issues is so limited.


  1. i see the shirt....but where can i get one with Karl on it

  2. It seems that for someone who is so touchy about civil rights, he would be IN FAVOR of the artists. Practice what you preach Comissioner Jones.

  3. Comparing the merits of our national civil rights struggle to the tiresome whining of a chronic malcontent singularly responsible for getting everyone kicked out of the plaza is funny.

  4. Chronic adj .Continuing a long time or recurring frequently.

    Malcontent adj - not satisfied or content with currently prevailing conditions or circumstances

    You Got that right!

    You fail to see the bigger picture of the rights that we are trying to protect.

    You give me too much credit but I appreciate being at the bottom of a long list of "chronic malcontents". Jefferson. Paine, Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks,Benjamin Spock et al

  5. We appreciate your input Commissioner

  6. Exactly how is Suvo "singularly responsible for getting everyone kicked out of the park"?

    What you call "the tiresome whining of a chronic malcontent" will soon cost the City quite a bit of money in addition to the money already wasted enforcing an illegal ordinance.

    This is a battle that should not have happened.