Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Failed Laptop Poet

A true artist should never be bored. Waiting to go out to show their works on the streets of St. Augustine ( if the courts decide in their favor) some of the "artists" get distracted. That's me on the ground ( where else?) waiting for Suvo to actually "Do Something!"

He thinks that he has discovered a revolutionary way to compose poetry by using random words that are computer generated. Look at this:

Midnight , Ancient City

The sleepy turtle shares coffee with 3-D specs with super Little Caesars cheesers and chimps.

Rush Limbaugh pelts earplugs with ocra-encrusted flesh and Green Giants.

The dope fiend leaks chunky men with stingy nicotine and boots.

The sinister nun leaps upon doggies with grabby the City Manager and coconuts.

Whilst the Commissioners rant and fertilize the barren ground with mutant seed.

Oh, Errol ! Look elsewhere!

We haven't seen such crap since Bukowski ! Suvo used the AUTOMATIC IDIOM INANITY EXTRUDER with the exception of a few words added by his own ennui saturated mind. It's not hard too believe that some think Suvo a boozer is it? He's actually flying on highly sugared iced tea and Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bars.

* I seem a little overexposed there on the ground. It was unintentional, believe me.


  1. Karl, you distract him, I'll sneak up behind him with the net and then the guys in the white coats can take him off! There MUST soon be a decision in this court case! Suvo is going bonkers!

  2. That's quite a set on you Karl !

  3. Responsible dog owner, eh? Can't Suvo get one of those cash-earning defendants to spring for a neutering?

  4. Cash earrning defendants? The city happens to be the defendant and it is not likely.

    I do not agree with Vets that say that everyone should neuter their dogs because of the risk of unwanted puppies. I can honestly say that in my 15 years I have sired no unwanted puppies.

    Why the smart ass tone?

  5. Sounds like someone hit a nerve. Clipping the nads has more benefits than hungry babies. Better health, less aggressive, particularly when the dog is left alone. In a car, or tied to some bench. Left with a veritable stranger. But, you're with your dog all the time. No worries. Refusing to fix your pet doesn't necessarily reflect a human complex, really. Could be financial priority. Focus on the case. Quit stressing.

  6. Yes please.....this is an uncomfortable subject for me.